Friday, 22 December 2017


Here goes the 11 facts:-

#1 - I suffer hyperhydrosis since i was kid. Thats the reason i need to bring handkerchief anywhere i go. In school, i need to use the handkerchief when writing to avoid the papers from wet and perforated. Tissues aint enough HAHA.

#2 - I have three different womens who i call as mom in my life: mama, mak & ibu. Mak is ayah's first wife. Mama, who given birth to me. Ibu, was formerly my teacher, but now adopting me as her child. Yet I  still keep in touch with the three of them, and even i can choose which home to sleep everyday :)

#3 - I came from a moderate family, not a rich one: my father has his own restaurant and my mother is a housewife. We do savings guys, come on.

#4 - The reason i chose tkc are the knowledge & only to avoid myself from those worldwide social problems, not because of the glory or high classy or whatever you think it might be. When a newbie ask, i will definitely answer, SMKKKLIA. Trust me it is my school guys.

#5 - I am a very loud & hyperactive one. You will never see me stay still even for seconds. When studying, i can do many posture of sitting that you might never think girls would do. In class, a day of not listening to my songs is impossible. So if you want to know how SUARA KATAK TERCEKIK NYANYI LAGU MELAYU LAMA looks like, ask my classmates :)

#6 -  All those accessories, MAKE UPS, handbags or even flowers are not my things. ((Lucky you, my future boyfriend))

#7 -  I have never been in any relationship, yet I am still confuse to have either GGMU or anti-GGMU boyfriend. If we share, then it will be boring but if we dont share, we are going to fight for the rest of our life.

#8 - Most of my stuffs are in blue, you will NEVER found my things in pink.

#9 - I dont have bestfriends in my school. HAHA, LITERALLY, Because none of them share the same hobbies as me. So kalau aku panggil kau 'member' tu, sedarlah aku anggap kau bestfriend aku haha.

#10 - The doctor said I have such a strong body because jarang sakit and tak pernah rasa side effects ubat walau kuat cemana pun ubat yang aku telan tu haha. TAPI AKU SENANG KOYAK SIOT KALAU BAB BAB JIWA DAN PERASAAN NI (finally im a girl)

#10- Dont ask my secondary schoolmates if you wanna know more about me. I didnt show them the real me. KAU KENA JUMPA AKU SENDIRI, baru kenal.

#10 - Ar Rahman is forever my favourite. Bila depressed, Ar Rahman. Bila ngantuk, Ar Rahman <3