Monday, 19 December 2016


"Alhamdulillah for the times we cry in the silence of the night, when you feel that things are hopeless,  Allah makes everything all right."
I wasnt talking that much yesterday. Feel nothing. No fear, no nervous even scare. People were like 'goodluck for tomorrow zahca!' but i didnt reply. My mind was empty. Somehow wanted to reply thankyou! but i was wondering what if the result later will not be as good as everyone wished it to be. If not, then what?

Was sleeping at 2am and yea accidentally waking up so late in the morning. 10mins of bath, then getting ready. Great, it only took 5mins to arrive school, at least i wont feel the nervous longer. 10am sharp stepping in to the hall, and it wasnt as what i expected. There were only few batchmates in brown and their beloved parents. I regretted. Havent took my breakfast due to the latenss plus the school canteen is closed. A very unhappy start of my day.

Bonda started the ceremony by announcing the school's overall pointer, the percentage of every subjects' A achiever and the number of 10As achievers, 45. Deep inside the heart, i silently hoping that im one of them but suddenly there was a kind of silent voice whispering "no zahca, ur effort wasnt enough". Confused.

Name by name, class by class, and who knows, my name was announced. Nothing except alhamdulillah. Going on stage with my parents, i honestly never been that happy. To see my parents crying of happiness. Hugs and kisses from both of them on the stage.

To aurelia, im super proud of our 1.162. No matter how many As you get, trust me its your rezeki. Be thankful. In sha allah we will strive more and better in tov & spm. Here goes few pics of today!

image Main support system.

image 'Anak-anak straight As' telegram group member [mia: mirr] 
Bal, if you are reading this, dont u ever try to feel down. it might just not your day, we will do it together for tov ok! stay strong & have faith anak pilot! 

image The only one i trust so much to wake me up every night at 1am when i say "weh ngantuk, 5mins nak tidur jap"
Nureen, trust me you are the real mvp. If theres no you, then im very sure im not who i am today. Thank you so so much for the endless effort to cubit tampar sepak tolak jatuh from bed just to wake me up to study. Love ya!

image The earliest person to sleep every night, but remains the coolest [im jealous]
Aina, thank you for all the lessons about life u have taught me. You are such a caring & very positive friend!

image The one who always sleep in the class but still manage to get good grades in every exams 
Mas, you better change your attitude for next year or else you will regret later. Remember this. [congrats of getting all As]

image my Anna Khayalan [look at her face, theyre alike]
Athirah, pls appreciate my effort to climb to TF7 just to wake you up to study. Yes, the result today might not be as what we expected but believe me you are more than what you think you are and dont let it fade ur cheerfulness.

image The one who never fails to remind the batch to keep our momentum up everyday.
Najwa, thank you for helping me in answering many maths & science questions & not to forget, all the motivational words  Stay you!

image May Allah bless us along our way, always.

"Without His mercy and help, we cannot have any of these things.
Alhamdulillah for every blessing."